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The Impossible Quiz

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Welcome to our website which is fully dedicated to this wonderful game - The Impossible Quiz. If you came to our website to spend some great time playing all versions of the game for free, you did it right. TheImpossible-Quiz.Org.Uk has the best collection of tricky quiz games that you will ever find online. If you have never played the impossible quiz before, I will be happy to say that you are going to spend a lot of wonderful hours solving the quiz. You may be frightened a bit, because the game is called "impossible" but calm down, it's just an ordinary quiz...or not? In fact, The Impossible Quiz is designed like an ordinary quiz game, where you have to pick one answer out of 4 given to you and move to the next question if the answer is right. Here everything is absolutely the same, but the questions are rather difficult. Most of them are tricky enough to make you think for a while. My advice is not to rush and give answers after thinking a while. Sometimes, when you think that you know the answer it will be incorrect.

There are some questions that don't have visible answers on the screen. Your mission is to find it somehow. Remember that The Impossible Quiz offers you more than 100 very very difficult questions and I am sure that no one can answer all of them at first try. If you think that there is a very smart person who can give answers to those questions - just send the link to the game for him and watch his reaction.

Don't worry if you are stuck. Our website has the complete list of answers so you can easily find the answer for the needed question. Have some fun with us, play the latest editions of the legendary quiz game and remember : The key to success is to think outside the box.