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The Impossible Quiz 2

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The Impossible Quiz 2If you have already completed the first edition of the game or just bored with the same old questions, you may consider playing the 2nd part of this wonderful game - The Impossible Quiz 2. In addition to the new questions and new tricky traps that the developers have made for you, you will enjoy new types of questions - a time question. As soon as you will notice a time bomb on your screen, you will have limited time to give the answer. This is a bit difficult because in addition to the tricky question your time is limited and many people give wrong answers. Don't be afraid to give the wrong answer - you have 3 lives. This means that you can make mistake 3 times before losing the game. There is another good feature in the impossible quiz 2 that you will enjoy - the Skip button. If you think that the question is tricky enough you can skip it. Use this button wisely, you never know when you will need it most. In The Impossible Quiz 2 you will have to answer more than 120 questions. The main key to success stays the same - Think Outside The Box.