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The Impossible Quiz 3

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The Impossible Quiz 3The most tricky and most difficult quiz is back with the new version of the game - The Impossible Quiz 3. This edition is called The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter One and contains really difficult questions. I think that some of the questions just don't have logic. You may even fail to answer the first several questions at first try. Even though, the game is very addictive. As soon as you fail you want to start over and over again to discover the new interesting and in some case funny questions. The most common mistake of people that they make during playing the impossible quiz 3 is taking it's seriously. Calm down, it is not a test of you intelligence, it is just a small game made for fun. If you accept the wave of fun that the game brings, you will be able to answer all the questions and complete the quiz. Even if you are stuck on some questions, don't worry because our website has answers for all the questions. Like the previous edition of the game, The Impossible Quiz 3 gives you several chances to continue playing, I mean several lives. You may give the wrong answer but still continue playing the game. Some of the questions are so tricky that can take a lot of time. My advice is not to hurry up (except the time levels) and think twice before clicking the answer. Hope you will have some fun with us by playing The Impossible Quiz 3 right now.