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The Impossible Quiz 4

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The Impossible Quiz 4The Impossible Quiz 4 - another version of the popular puzzle game where you have to find answers of difficult questions. This edition is called The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2 and in fact is the continuation of the previous version. If you have played the previous version of the game you will notice that here is much more graphics and animations. You will also discover a new kind of time questions - for example you will have to click all dots on the screen in 10 secs or do something similar. This may seem easy but in fact it is not. The questions of the The Impossible Quiz 4 are more about technologies and computer but you will also discover some funny and stupid ones. Remember that all the actions in The Impossible Quiz 4 are done using the mouse but sometimes the keyboard keys must also be used for typing answer or doing some actions. You won't be disappointed by the game, so don't waste your time and start playing it right now.